Nurturing Parenting Programs Child Abuse Prevention Council Of Contra Costa County

Nurturing Parenting ProgramsHistory and Development of the Adult-Adolescent Parenting Inventory (AAPI) and the Nurturing Parenting Programs┬«. Taking the best traits from Models 1 and 2, Model three permits socialization with other parents and the chance to understand with no the distractions of the kids being present. Targeting families that are at risk of abuse and neglect, the program serves as a principal prevention tool to improve healthy parenting understanding and abilities. This program entails the loved ones or other support systems in the individual’s therapy: Grandparents and other extended household members can participate in the home-primarily based sessions.

Every single lesson presented in the Nurturing Programs has identified competencies the parents want to discover and the instructors need to teach in order for parenting practices to improve. Session based house practice assignments usually focused on specific parent-kid bonding and attachment activities. Nurturing Parenting Programs are curriculum-primarily based applications that perform with the … Read More